International festival of high school theatre creation


The main goal of the Festival is education of high school students in the field of theater arts, to assemble groups of young people who work in theaters from all around the world, enable them to exchange their creativity (theater plays, movies, performances which are product of young people’s work) and to create the positive aspect of competition among young people in educational and ethical values through the art of theater. One of the most important goals is breaking down the wall of prejudice about dissimilarities, because dissimilarity is an advantage and an asset, not a flaw. The Festival has a place for young, talented people, encourages them to think about the surrounding problems, it teaches them to behave in real life just like they behave on the stage, to discover things in which they are good or less good, talented or less talented or maybe it will make them fall in love with the theater arts and art in general.

With established and efficient method of work, Festival forms its own style, own repertoire policy and the fact that forms its own audience. It is the audience who grows up with its peers and school colleagues from different regions. Audience who learns new things, develops its critical attitude, realizes that a theater is not just a boring homework assignment which has to be done on proffesor’s request, but something what can be fun, attractive, educational and close to us.