On 1.5.2016. applications for 4th International festival of high school theater Juventafest are closed. Festival will be held in Sarajevo from 10. to 14. September 2016, organized by the Association for the development and promotion of multimedia art and culture “Medija – Art”.

It is our pleasure to inform you that we received over 50 applications from country and abroad. We rejoice at the applications from Russia, Norway, Austira, Greece, Tajikistan, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, but also applications from BiH; Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Goražde, Tuzla, Konjic, Bugojno…

To everyone who sent their applications for 4th Juventafest we thank for their interest in our Festival! The selection of 4th Juventafest performances will be published SOON, utill then, you can follow the news on our website and social media.