• The following conditions govern the rights and obligations of all the participants who choose to apply for the participation in the 11th Juventafest,  which will be held from 6th to 10th September 2023.
  • By signing up for the competition, the participants accept further described conditions of the participation in the festival.
  • The rights and duties exclusively refer to the Organizer and team leaders, but also include all the participants who attend the festival.

Duration of the call

  • The call is open from December 30th, 2022 until May 1st, 2023.

Right to participate

  • The right to participate have all theatre companies, associations, informal groups and high schools in which the participants are high school students or had the status of a high school student at the time the play was produced and premiered (if some of the participants have finished high school or have enrolled in college in the year when the festival takes place, it is still possible for them to perform at the festival). The competition includes persons between 14 and 19 years of age.
  • The Festival will not consider any application that does not meet the above mentioned criteria.
  • In case there is a violation of the mentioned criteria, the Festival has the exclusive right to disqualify the Participant.

The application process

  • To apply for the participation in the festival it is necessary to fill out the application form available on the festival website, including a locked/private Vimeo or Youtube link of the play. The  application deadline is May 1st, 2023. If the play is not in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian or Montenegrin language, the recording of the play must be subtitled in English.

If selected, the play must be identical as in the recording.  Adding scenes, re-directing, changing the set design and/or costumes etc. after the video was submited and application completed is not allowed!

  • Unfinished or incomplete applications will not be considered. In order to properly fill out applications, it is necessary to fill in all fields in the application form and submit the link of the play. Only then the application is considered complete.
  • The Festival will not accept any applications submitted after the deadline.
  • Juventafest reserves the unrestricted right to promote the festival using all the information submitted by the participants, as well as participants’ recordings of plays in the festival.
  • Plays whose content violates the rights of individuals and/or groups will not be considered.
  • Applications sent via postal service will not be taken into consideration.
  • The Festival guarantees that all personal data related to the application, regardless of the nature or form in which they are revealed, will be protected and processed in accordance with national laws.

Selection Process

  • The participants will be selected according to the analysis of the submitted applications and according to the criteria set by the Festival.
  • The main criteria that will guide the selector in the selection process will be the quality of the play, the pedagogical approach, originality, and contribution of author’s work to the theatre art.
  • After the announcement of the selection, the selected groups will have 7 days to confirm their participation. In case that the selected group confirms or rejects the invitation of the Festival, it will be considered to leave the right to participate to someone else.
  • After the selection of the play and after accepting the invitation to participate in the festival, the participation can not be cancelled.
  • In case of the cancellation of the play or disqualification after the deadline, the Organizer has the exclusive right to charge all the costs of organizing their stay at the festival.
  • The Participant will not be considered guilty in case his participation is prevented by the force majeure. In this case, the Participant will have to notify the Organizer within 24 hours.
  • All plays must be performed in their native language. If the native language is not Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian or Montenegrin, the recording of the play must be subtitled in English (unless otherwise agreed). The participants have to bear the costs of subtitling in English.
  • The Festival is not obligated to comment or give a reason if the play is not chosen for the participation in the Festival.
  • The invitation to participate in the Festival must remain in trust between the Festival and the Participants until the Festival decides to publish it.

Participation rules

  • The selector will choose six to eight plays that will compete and be performed at Juventafest in Sarajevo.
  • All the participants are obligated to attend the festival and its program.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to change the performing time of the groups, as well as the Festival program.
  • In case of absence of participants from the mandatory festival events (plays and workshops) the festival reserves the right to disqualify participants.
  • Every disqualified team will be obliged to pay for their accommodation and food during their stay at the festival.

Festival awards

  • According to the rules of the Festival, the Jury will choose the winners of the following awards:
  1. Grand Prix for the Best Play
  2. The Special Jury Award
  • The jury will be composed of prominent representatives from the field of culture, theatre, critics, selected authors and producers.
  • None of the members of the Jury will be elected if they have participated in the production of any of the plays

Special Rights and Conditions for the Participants

  • The Organizer will provide the participants with a coordinator who will help them meet their obligations at the festival. The participants are required to respect the guidelines given by the coordinator, in order to have a better organization of their stay at the festival.
  • The cost of accommodation and full board for all the participants will be covered by the Organizer and the participants will enjoy this right during the festival.
  • All the participants are required to be in Sarajevo during the festival, from 6th to 10th September 2023, while 11th September is planned for departure.
  • Traveling expenses (cost of the trip to Sarajevo and back, as well as the transport in Sarajevo), have to be covered by the participants themselves.
  • The participants are required to strictly comply with the schedule of the rehearsals and plays, as well as other activities that determine their performance and presentation at the festival. Any deviation from this requirement may result in disqualification of the participants.
  • The participants are required to respect the decisions of the Jury. In case of complaints, the participant has the right to address the Organizer in writing. Written remarks can be submitted up to seven days after the decision.
  • The Organizer must reply to the Participant within one month after the received complaint.
  • Team leaders will take the responsibility for any damages made by the participant of their group, and sanctions will be prescribed after assessing the damage.
  • The Participant is obliged to inform the Organizer of any situation that represents or is likely to lead to conflicts of interest. The Organizer will immediately take all necessary steps to resolve the situation.
  • The Participant is obliged to perform all tasks written in this Document diligently in time.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to check that all the participants’ duties have been completed and take certain steps if not.
  • Certain steps may also involve the ultimate disqualification of the Participant.
  • Participation at the 11th International Festival of high school theatre Juventafest indicates that the Participant accepted regulations mentioned above.
  • The Association „Medija – Art“ is the only valid organizer of the International Festival of high school theatre Juventafest.
  • For any questions please contact