We are proud that this year, over forty plays from Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina have applied to participate. I have enjoyed watching young authors’ projects, lavish musicals, new interpretations of classics, innovative stagings of contemporary dramas, poetic dance and documentary plays, new forms of performances, skillfully performed ensemble plays, dark satires, thrillers, mysteries and comedies… In short, it is really about a multitude of different forms, genres, aesthetics and authentic and imaginative worlds that are characterized by dedicated work and courage. The youth have tackled a wide range of socially relevant themes, yet what they share is that each play, in its own way, reminds us of essential values such as love, friendship, unity, solidarity, bravery, hope, listening, understanding and acceptance of others, as well as oneself.

It has never been easy in any previous year to choose just a few plays that will be part of the selection, and the same is true this year. However, our goal was, as before, to recognize high-quality and authentic theatrical expressions, what are the topics that young people need to talk about, and to offer an overview of different artistic aesthetics and possibilities for working with young people.

This year’s selection consists of:

“THEY”, author and choreographer: Andrea Gotovina in collaboration with performers, DRAMA AND DANCE STUDIO ISTRIAN NATIONAL THEATRE PULA, Pula, Croatia

“UTOPIA”, directed by Ivan Baletić, Little Theatre “Duško Radović”, Belgrade, Serbia

“SCARS”, directed by Bojan Milidragović, Youth Theatre Bileća, Bileća, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“THE CRIPPLE OF INISHMAAN”, directed by Jovana Mišković and Dušan Vukašinović, Acting Workshop Cultural Centre Čačak, Čačak, Serbia

“WHY DID YOU WAKE UP YOUR HUSBAND?”, directed by Ivana Petrović, Drama Club Catholic School Centre St. Francis Tuzla Gymnasium, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“2100: A TALE ABOUT ASKA”, directed by Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, Theatre PATOS, Smederevo, Serbia

“SPRING AWAKENING”, directed by Arma Tanović Branković, Edis Bilić and Saša Krmpotić, Drama Kids Academy Sarajevo/Youth Theatre Group, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


In this year’s plays young people explore themes of growing up, their inner worlds, hidden thoughts and questions… What does a dystopian world look like where we have destroyed not only nature but also our essential humanity? They talk about the phenomenon of violence and the scars we carry, as well as about a society in which violence against women happens every day. They attempt to find answers to what utopia means to them? What does it mean to be different and strange in a small community? They search for hope, change, their own space of freedom, and meaning…

I invite you to join us at the 12th Juventafest!

Emina Omerović,
Juventafest selector