The project of the Youth Theatre Paraćin entitled “I want out”, announced tonight’s closing of the 8th International Festival of high school theatre Juventafest

Last night on the stage of the Sarajevo Youth Theatre, the guests from Serbia presented the problem of bureaucracy and the question of how to survive in a system that sees and treats you as an idiot, how difficult it is for individuals to express themselves, how important and unimportant documents dictate life and progress, how important freedom and ecology are in all this as one of the preconditions for a healthy life on Earth. The play “I want out” is based on the motives of the text “Idiot” by Muza Pavlova and directed by Uroš Mladenović.

With this performance, the Festival reached the very end, where the audience will once again have the opportunity to see young actors, but this time with completely new performances. Namely, during the past four days led by top experts, the participats worked diligently in dance, mask, puppetry and music workshops, gained new knowledge and brought it to the stage and audience.

The established practice of the workshops gives Juventafest a special charm, because it gathers young people in daily creative gatherings from which they come out more experienced. Also, an example of good practice are workshops for high school students and workshop for teachers, leaders of drama clubs in high schools, led by the selector of the festival Emina Omerović.

Before lowering the curtain on the 8th Juventafest, during the closing ceremony an expert jury consisting of actress and professor Arma Tanović Branković, dramatist Asja Krsmanović and actor and professor Velimir Blanić will look back at the plays “Dead Sea for Beginners”, “Animal Farm” and “I Want Out” and award letters of appreciation to the participants. The arrival at the eighth edition of Juventafest was canceled at the last minute for epidemiological reasons by two plays from Croatia and Montenegro, which is why the organizers decided that the Festival will not award prizes for the first time.