After the brilliant performance of the musical “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, which opened the 6th International festival of high school theatre Juventafest on Thursday September 13, there were two plays on the second day of the programme.
First, the Sarajevo audience had the opportunity to see the Elementary Art school Louny from Czech Republic with the play “Low Fat Life” which was performed at the Center for culture and youth in Municipality of Centar Sarajevo, OU Jelićeva. A comedy about women, food, feelings and self-revelation lasted for 55 minutes, based on Viliam Klimáček text and directed by Oksana Kaplanova and Kefir Sect.

After the play “Low Fat Life”, young theatre lovers had the opportunity to see “Only a Dream” on the stage of Sarajevo Youth Theatre, a guest play based on the motives of the comic book “Sun City”. The members of The Zagreb Youth Theatre College, led by director Jadranka Korda Kušlin, performed the stage presentation of the action that takes place at the post-apocalyptic site, in a fictional city where the sun never rises and where darkness is the only and constant reality.
On the second day of the Festival, a series of unique workshops began for young activists and professors, who will try to influence the improvement of their local community through workshops and roundtables.
It is worth mentioning that the entrance to all Juventafest plays is free.