Irma Alimanović


Masks are excellent for understanding non-verbal stage performance. After becoming acquainted with the technique of acting with a mask, we will start exploring on the architecture of a character mask and get an imuplse to move. We will establish the physicality of our character and uncover his/her biography. We will explore how bodily action results from a very clear and precise inner activity, thoughts. And then we’ll dress them up and take them dancing!


She graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo in 2008. She was employed at the East West Centre and was a part of the ensemble of the Mostar Youth Theatre. For several years, she worked as a coordinator for the Future MESS workshops within the International Theatre Festival MESS. In her work with children and youth, she has been involved in projects with the British Council, the Private Elementary School Bloom, the Second Gymnasium IB Programme, the Bosnian Cultural Centre Acting School and the Institute for Music, Theatre and Multimedia where she continues to work as an acting educator on the musical Oliver. Since 2014, she has been engaged as an associate in practice, subject Movement at the Acting Department of the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, where she currently teaches as an associate professor.

Stipe Gugić


Workshop participants will be introduced to the basics of puppet animation of objects. We will breathe life into ordinary, everyday objects and tell their stories without words. We will explore how a box walks, how a bottle coughs, how paper cries, how corn feels when it’s sick, what a shoe is like when angry or what a chair does when in love… We will observe how different materials composing an object can influence its character. Imagination and creativity will be provoked through movement and acting. We will develop a sense of tempo and rhythm, as well as a sense of being and working within a group, which are essential for puppetry.


He graduated in acting and puppetry from the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, where after completing his studies, he continued to work as a title assistant the Academy of Arts and Culture, Department for Non-verbal Theatre. During his studies, he enrolled in the Erasmus+ programme and went to Leeds Beckett University in the United Kingdom, where he studied contemporary dance and performance, which significantly influenced his future work and artistic creativity. He attended numerous workshops, among which he highlights Contemporary Performance Practices, where he had the opportunity to work with Jan Fabre teaching group and SITI Company from New York. He has spent a significant part of his career in theatre working on puppet shows and plays for children. In 2021, he founded the artistic organization MOMO based in Sinj, which produces puppet shows.

Edis Bilić


During this workshop, participants will have an unique opportunity to explore various styles of Hip Hop dance, including Pop, Lock, KRUMP, Old School, and a bit of Breakdance, incorporating elements of acting. One of the key highlights of this workshop is the exploration of how we can use dance as a powerful tool for storytelling. Focusing on the theme of forbidden love, we will guide participants through choreography in pairs and exciting “battles,” allowing them to express emotions and convey stories through their movements. This workshop is designed to foster a collaborative environment where participants can explore their creativity, build confidence and develop a deeper respect for Hip Hop culture. By merging the art of acting with the energy and rhythm of Hip Hop dance, participants will discover new ways to express and captivate audience through movement and storytelling.


An artist with many talents, whose adventure began with a love for hip-hop dance. With an extraordinary 16-year dedication to art, he found his true calling in the world of acting, driven by his experiences in dance. Edis honed his skills through education at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. His comprehensive education included acting, speech/voice, singing, stage combat, work with masks, clowning, dance, and on-camera acting. With unwavering devotion to his craft and a dynamic range of talents, Edis continues to fascinate the audience with his boundless creativity, versatility and infectious passion for the arts.

Iva Milley

WORKSHOP: BLACK QUEEN 1, 2, 3! (workshop for teachers, leaders of drama clubs in high schools)

Text is often the first thing we reach for when we think about working on a play, thus skipping the valuable experience of dramatic games and theatrical exercises that can also serve as initial inspiration for creating an original project. During the workshop, we will explore how deeply individual dramatic games can be developed into theatrically engaging material and how theatrical exercises can aid in shaping personalities of a character, situations and the narrative itself. The aim of the workshop is to show directors, teachers and drama pedagogues that even a simple game when approached creatively, can become a theatre play.

IVA MILLEY, drama pedagogue

She graduated in Comparative Literature and Archaeology from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. A lifelong graduate student in the field of theatrology. From a young age, she attended dance and drama classes at the Zagreb Youth Theatre College. She has participated in various seminars and workshops in drama pedagogy, educational theatre, theatre of the oppressed, mime, movement and circus, both in Croatia and abroad. Since 1997, she has worked as a drama pedagogue at the Tirena Theatre, where she also performs in plays for children and young people, as well as in educational theatre projects. She leads juggling and mime workshops, and since 2005, she has been involved in the European Drama Encounters (EDERED) as a workshop leader, group leader and assembly member. She writes plays for children and young people, which she also stages in her drama groups. She is currently employed as a drama pedagogue at the Zagreb Youth Theatre College.

Irma Mulić


Let’s sail into the world of musical theatre through a workshop that will introduce you to singing in a musical, accompanied by choreographic elements. The focus will be on teamwork and encouragement within the group, as well as the development of dramatic creativity, imagination and individuality of every person, with the aim of understanding musical material, one’s own voice and vocal improvisations, as well as musical harmonies. We will work on the material of the cult musical “Grease”, and certain props and costume elements will be used. If you like musical theatre, this workshop will help you build your own skills, but also give you insight and understanding into the creation of a musical.

IRMA MULIĆ, music artist

Graduated from the Sarajevo Music Academy, where she earned a Bachelor of Music Arts degree. She is the head of the Department of Performing Arts of the first educational and production platform for musical theatre in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the Institute for Music, Theatre, and Multimedia where she engages in teaching pedagogy (piano and singing) to children and young people. She has also taught at the Ilidža Music School in Sarajevo, Mali Mozart music school, ABC Educational Centre (2012-2013), as well as the International School Bloom – Montessori accreditation in Sarajevo.Since 2008, she has been actively involved as a performer in various forms of musical theatre, performing in theatres throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Her experience in theatre includes leading roles in musicals such as Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Annie, Flashdance and soon Oliver. She is a vocal coach and accompanist at iMTM Sarajevo. Currently, she is pursuing a master’s degree in piano at the Sarajevo Music Academy, specializing in Piano Methodology.